Quilt Retreat Winter 2017

This time next weekend I will be with great friends and artists at the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild Retreat!  I’m so glad.  My heart is weary with vigilance.  I have stopped reading books, stopped writing, can’t sleep through the night.  I don’t even make waffles for Sunday breakfast anymore.  I can’t seem to turn away.  Morbid fascination pulls me into the thinking, the hoping, the praying.  The last few months have stolen my peace.  I am looking forward to time away from the pelting deluge of discord and upset that has gripped our country.

I am completing my gigantic spool quilt (I can watch the news and quilt at the same time 😦 unfortunately.)  I think I will be able to bind it tonight.  That done, I can bring it to cover my bed at the retreat.  Since I created it at the last retreat, that seems fitting – and exciting!

The task, now, is to decide what to bring.  I have SO many unfinished projects.  Creating something new seems unwise.  And yet…  and yet…  there is something about the creation that I love to do with my friends.  I have some lovely left over shot cotton scraps, from the above mentioned spool quilt.  Maybe I should go rogue.  Try something improvised?  Still thinking.  Anybody have a grand idea???  I am certain that I have fabric to do it – whatever it might be.  #theonewiththemostfabricintheirstashwhentheydiewins




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2 responses to “Quilt Retreat Winter 2017

  1. Lisa chatterjee


    I have missed you and Paul so much:-( . Can you email me so we can catch up?

    Lisa chatterjee


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