Leonard Cohen – This is for keeps…



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2 responses to “Leonard Cohen – This is for keeps…

  1. Kate Smith

    This is all truly unbelievable. If someone wrote a film script of this they would be thrown out of town as too silly and farfetched etc. I am sure the Chump is mentally unstable and should have to undergo a psychiatric assessment by independent experts from other countries.


  2. Week one is in the books. He is a germaphobe. He is all ego. He has anxiety and insecurity that overshadows rational thinking. I worry that his interest in withdrawing from the world to covet the selfish interests of what he believes is best for America will alter the positive world order that was established after WWII. People do not really think about history, if they even remember it. This man means well but this man is dangerous. I am waiting for intelligent folks in all parties to take a pause – to let go of the things that they hope to accomplish with a know-nothing in the highest office – and to consider the fate of humanity and the evolution of civilization. This is a desperate time in the world. Anybody of the other 16 GOP candidates would be better than Trump. I can deal with differing ideologies and plans. I cannot cope with the thought of world war.


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