New Mexico Summer

This summer I took a road trip from Steamboat Springs to Rio Rancho New Mexico. I have a dear friend who owns a little George Jetson house circa 1960. It belonged to her husband’s parents. It’s a snug little flat-roofed place with a Mexican fireplace in the corner of the living room and literally tons of memorabilia, left for the adventurous explorer to sort through. I have discovered many treasures there. Books, mostly, and art supplies. My friend has generously lent the place to my husband and me to spend a unique holiday. This time, my friend and I staged a meeting. She flew from Canada with another friend. I drove through the mountains, past the Great Sand Dunes, and into the high desert of Georgia O’Keefe. Rio Rancho is about an hour from Santa Fe, heading south toward the mesa-top pueblos.

While I was there I came to appreciate, once again, the pleasures of simple warm life on the desert. I spent time on this patio, sketched with chalk pastels on my last visit. I’m sharing it because I think I need to remind myself that I can do this thing – draw. I need to do more of this. It’s a terrific way to let go of time and space. Creating art puts one in another world. That can be a good thing.



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