Golden Rain Falling

Where I live now…  I have not posted in several years.  Much has happened.  All fine, but I did lose access to this blog for a time.  Today I stumbled on my password and user name.  I decided to come back – see if it was still here.  Indeed.

My life has taken me to Steamboat Springs.  If I ever hoped to fall in love with Colorado, being routed to this location must have been the divine plan to make that happen.  I am not a particularly religious person, in the traditional sense of it, but this place is what Wallace Stegner would have called God’s Country.  Today I am sharing a picture that I took last week.  The sun is falling behind a ring of mountains that hold the dancing waters of Stagecoach Reservoir like a circle of rough-shaped granite around a campfire.  Rain falls from an extraordinary altitude, catching the day’s last light and disappearing before reaching the ground.  And in the center of it all, a rainbow falling down from Heaven.

This is the view that I am privileged to see from my front porch.

My heart be still…





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3 responses to “Golden Rain Falling

  1. Kate Smith

    Hi Rosien, glad to see you’re back. I am back also as in home from the hospital with a total knee replacement. *sigh* A few days in a lovely private room in the knees and hips etc on the 3rd floor then up to Rehab on the 4th floor, again a lovely room with beautiful views over the Swan River only better cos higher up. A whole week of the Rehab. Physio, Occ Therapist, turned out one of the physios was a girl who went to school with my DD and I used to drop Alison off at her house a lot.
    Did I tell you I was at a talk and show of work by David Taylor? Quilt artist extraordinaire and he mentioned he lived in Steamboat Springs!!


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