Lost an old friend, gained a new one – West Highland White Terrier puppy, Jewel

Our dear Munchkin finally gave in to congestive heart failure in late July.  We sort of ran a nursing home all summer when I was off work.  Took her out to pottie every hour.  She could barely get herself up at the end.  I can write about it now, but at the time I could barely think about it.  Here is Munchkin.

Passed away July 17, 2012, age 11. Our dear girl.

We have had Jazz and Munchkin, our pack, for six years.  Jazz replaced Taylor, a Schnauzer who died when Munchkin was a youngster.  Now Jazz is the big brother and he has been lonely.

Feeling lonely.

Enter Jewel.

Four pounds of terror (I mean terrier) on legs.  

She is smart.  She is very fast.  She is a darling and our house is jumping with puppyness.  We took all of the area rugs downstairs for the winter so that we only have to deal with hardwood floors.  We have doggie doors and she can already use them but we worry about hawks and owls snatching her away and so we do not let her go out alone.  It is a lot of work, but Jazz is energized.

Pretending to sleep.

It’s good to have a puppy in the house.



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