Bed and Breakfast in Salida – San Isabel B&B for the weekend…

Our summer get-away last year took us to Twin Lakes (I never posted because the pictures were on DH’s camera and I never managed to get them onto my computer, sorry) .  On the way home, we took the longer route to go through Salida.  “This,” I exclaimed, “is where we need to visit next year!”  In fact, I was so smitten that I told everybody we would move there, eventually.

I packed some tasty treats, including a homemade pie filled with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.  Paul picked out a flight of Caffero Zinfandels.  I brought things to stitch and things to read.  We left on Friday, late morning, on a short drive to Salida, bent on relaxation.  Our hosts were Cam and Dick, Lucy and Cleo.  Lucy is the official Inn Dog.

Cleo supervises in a more reserved manner, but warms up in her own good time.  Cam and Dick were, of course, welcoming from the get-go.  Friday was a Positively Perfect Colorado day.  We found a parking spot by the park in Salida;  This  I later discovered was dumb luck because the place was packed for FIBARK – First In Boats on the Arkansas River – Festival.  We had no idea we were there for the festival.  We just wanted to visit.  BUT… Friday evening was live Rege on the riverfront.  It was really very nice.  People of every ilk were out with 1968 attire and hula hoops, dancing, drinking beer, and eating wild things.  When it was time for Talking Heads to perform, we stole away to stroll the street vendors and thence back to our lodging.

Our Mexican lunch in Buena Vista held us well so we did not go out for dinner.  Instead, under the massive rough hewn pergola on the patio at San Isabel B&B we shared sliced fresh tomatoes, chunks of very good Cheddar and Swiss, a loaf of sourdough and David Caffero 2005 Zinfandel.  Later, Razzelberry Pie, another glass of wine, and hot tub relaxation under the stars.  Sigh…

On Saturday we took a road trip up to the Mountain Spirit Winery past Poncha Springs.  From there, we followed our noses straight up a mountain, descending into the lush valleys around Gunnison.   That is a grand little town.  Far less congested than Salida during FIBARK!  We shopped at Treads and Threads (just go there!) and had lunch at the Firebrand Deli on Main Street.  Back over the mountain, stopping only for a tee shirt at the summit of Monarch Pass.

Again, a quiet dinner of cheese and wine, crackers, tomatoes, and more of that pie.

We stalked the sunset off the deck of San Isabel.  



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2 responses to “Bed and Breakfast in Salida – San Isabel B&B for the weekend…

  1. What a fabulous weekend wish I’d been there. 🙂


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