Colorado Color

Amazing contrasts, breathtaking juxtapositions of gold and green, gray and blue, sky and earth.

Paul and I took a road trip in October.  We traveled from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park, turned left towards Deckers, and made the loop around through the many small towns on the way to Kenosha Pass and down into South Park before turning for home.  Here are some of the pictures we took along the way.  I will post a separate blog on the Bucksnort.  It was an experience all unto itself!

Some of the most artistic views were made so with the help of people who made choices like the one in the next picture.  A red roof may be picturesque at any time of year, but when framed in golden Aspen leaves, it is simply stunning.

Devastation left by the 2002 Haymen Fire, still haunts the landscape. But in the midst of this desolation, life finds a way, color insists on a presence.

We saw many a peaceful beast like this bay, grazing apparently unimpressed by the blaze of color creating a glowing backdrop behind.

We nearly missed some of the towns we passed through. Buffalo Creek seems to be this building. But what a building! In an upcoming post, see more. This is a very cool place.

In a few words, pressed into metal to withstand the ages, a tale of great magnitude is told of the people who came from the East to find a home here.

Kenosha Pass Historical Marker

Near the marker, a path bends down into the valley, beckoning the onlooker to proceed.

The ridge of Kenosha Pass fringed in green and gold.

The entire trip is worth this one sight. South Park is stunning from any vantage, but from Kenosha Pass, it is beyond amazing. Were there ever a place in this world that could be called God's Country, this would be it.


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  1. Donna Mc

    Aspen gold – what a beautiful color. Love it, and I hope to see it in person one day.
    Can’t wait to see the upcoming details on the rustic little towns. =)


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