Riding in Colorado

I spent the last three days on horseback, seeing those parts of Colorado that can only be seen well on foot or hoof.  There are so many fabulous scenes to share.  I will post pictures of the heroes of the journey, the horses, and a few sky and mountain scenes that take one’s breath away.  First, meet Desert Diamond (Dee Dee), a spunky little Arabian gelding who faithfully hauls the kids around the arena and up mountain trails.

We have one gentleman on the trail with bedroom eyes and a taste for Lodge Pole Pine bark, Ranger.

            A lady in the lead, aptly goes by Lady.

The views from Mosquito Mountain above Greenland (half way between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, a vast rolling grassland that flanks I25 and runs up to the mountains) are terrific.

      And we spent the last day at Red Rocks, off Highway 24 and 31st street, right outside of Colorado Springs.

The rocks are truly red and the sky is so blue.

                                                                           I rode Ranger. 

Leading the wagon train from start to finish, through heat and (was there sleet?) and lightning storms is Hershey’s Heavenly Horses trainer and cat herder, Julia.


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