Modern Quilting – I am initiated!

I attended my first Front Range Modern Quilt Guild meeting last week.  It’s a different world!!!   I looked at my stash and I KNEW I was living in a prior world.  Modern quilting calls for different colors and a really different style of fabric.  So I went adventure shopping and found some neat stuff.  Well, I didn’t find it.  I paid a ton for it – but it is neat stuff.  Note to those of you looking for solids.  Mill End Outlet on Prospect, just off of Filmore, had a really broad selection of colors in Moda solids.  Much more than I found anywhere else in the Springs.

Here are the fabrics that I selected, a yard of each except the one with circles, of which I got four yards and the darker gray also four yards.



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4 responses to “Modern Quilting – I am initiated!

  1. These are all beautiful fabrics! I can see why you bought 4 yards of the circles — it’s adorable! 🙂
    Welcome, it’s a slippery slope, I admit, but we’re all in the thick of it with you! 🙂


    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Melissa! That circle fabric is just not done justice by the pics. It is so cool, not stark white but sort of creamy white with the circles in a pale turquoise and a pale pale lime center. It will make a great backing that allows me to quilt from the back, making the bubble pattern on the front. I got half of those fabrics at Hobby Lobby, including the circles. They feel fabulous to the touch (high quality) and rival Butler’s prints, even though they were made exclusively for Hobby Lobby. And 30% off this weekend, too.


  2. Oh fun!! What a great set of fabric you got there! I love the color combos. I bet you might even have a thing or two from your stash to throw in?
    Another definition of modern quilting, is using your fabrics in a modern way… use your stash and look up some blogs for some fun modern patterns!
    Glad to have you join us 😉


    • Okay, that comes next! Looking for ways to use my stash differently. I pulled some of my gazillion quilting pattern books off the shelf to look at as I drank my coffee this morning. I found a few really interesting things that I previously looked right past. One is sort of Frank Lloyd Wright and another has oriental fans, half circles in a wonky sort of configuration. That one I must try!

      Thanks for checking out my blog!


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