Farmer’s Market in Old Colorado City

Lovely weather on Saturday morning in southern Colorado.  Artists sell their colorful paintings on the sidewalk.  The Farmer’s Market starts near this towering  church spire and is only a block long, but packed with fun things to eat and see and a ton of people (and too many dogs – why do people think it’s cool to bring pit bulls on a leash to a crowded street market with babies in strollers and toddlers tugging on Papa’s pant legs all around?)

An example of the local cherubs.  What a cutie!!!

Paul is picking out some red leaf lettuce from a Fountain Valley farm.


Veges and so much more!

Honey from Colorado and Popcorn in the colors of the mountains.

Even cookies for your poochies.

And some cute poochies carried in arms.


Homemade tortillas!



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3 responses to “Farmer’s Market in Old Colorado City

  1. VickiB

    Love the post, the sights and descriptions. I could almost smell, taste and hear the market.


  2. My house is only two blocks south of there! Wish I’d known you were coming, I would have met you at Cucuru for some Cuban coffee… maybe next summer…..


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