Stargazer Theater

We took a journey on Saturday evening, to see a comedy show.  We have not done much of that lately but used to do it all the time in Cali.  There are some clubs in town, but we ventured to a brand new venue for comedy.  This is a dome shaped building called, now, the Stargazer Theater.  We think it looks like it might have once been a planetarium.   I will research that.  The picture below is from a phone, so not great, but it shows the view looking up at lights and glittering stars and planets high above.

For now, suffice to say that it was cool and very inexpensive.  The show tended off-color.  It’s not that this bothers me, particularly, but there are a lot of funny things to talk about besides sex and masturbation.  It was the environment and the people who were most enjoyable.  I include a picture of the ceiling.  Very inspiring architecture in a funky strange way.   In February, they are featuring Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live.  More expensive but, no doubt, worth seeing.


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  1. Vicki

    I love comedy, but agree with you that some of the comedy clubs think that it has to be raunchy to be funny. The comedians that are truly gifted don’t have to rely on sex and bodily functions to have a hilarious routine. You just have to listen to some little kids trying to explain something to realize that. Child labour laws prohibit them so work in comedy clubs though! *G*

    Keep on keeping on!


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